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We tell you our story, get to know us !!!

Rapa Nui Travel is recognized as one of the best Tour Operators on Easter Island. The secret of our success is our unwavering commitment to you, our visitors, offering you our high quality and personalized services.
Our agency started its services in 1997, with the owners Papiano Tepano Paoa, representing the Rapa Nui ethnic group, and his wife, Conny Martin, German.
To achieve an excellent service, we use a network of contacts, which include our plant staff, with the knowledge and ability to find the best services available in the different services we offer. Furthermore, we have made a considerable investment in innovative technology, which helps us offer timely, safe services and find the best prices in each place and activity.
We offer favorable payment methods, which make our services available to all our clients.
Visit us and ask about our programs and offers.

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Sobre nosotros: Sobre nosotros
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